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We have got the tutor for you, face – to – face, in the comfort of your home. Your personal tutor. In the comfort of your home. Anywhere in South Africa We have marched more than 2000 learners with tutors based on their personality, skills, education, experience, career path, and many more signals which allows us to give you the best tutor in South Africa for your needs. Learning can take place at the learner’s home, in a comfortable and relaxing environment, anywhere in South Africa.

Our In person tutoring program assists parents with creating an educational structure in their home that will not handicap their children’s academic growth and eventual futures. The student receives personalized and focused attention which allows them to ask questions and build upon foundation elements they may have missed in a class.

We offer tuition that is fully aligned with the following curriculum

Why you choose Apex tutors

  • We offer experienced and qualified tutors
  • We have a flexible schedule
  • Interactive content
  • We One- on -one live session
  • We Recorded lessons so that the student can able to watch later
  • We develop student time management
  • We develop a student to manage exam techniques

Your personal tutor. In the comfort of your home. Anywhere in South Africa

Why opt for in-person tutoring?

  • Tutoring takes place in the learner's home.
  • Parents can actively monitor the classes.
  • In-person tutoring is highly effective, as the tutor can gauge the student's level of concentration and engagement.

Our Team

Our tutors are situated in all 9 provinces of South Africa, in a variety of industries. From medicine to finance, our tutors offer more than academic assistance to their students, they also give students insight into their chosen careers. Expert tutors available for tutoring sessions where you will receive a customized lesson plan to meet your individual needs. Our Tutors have proven track records of success.

Our Rates


Once Off



4 session

Once a week


8 sessions

twice a week


12 sessions

Three times a week


16 sessions

Four times a week


20 sessions

Five times a week


Our package include:

  • House calls
  • Homework assist
  • Assignment assist
  • Subject guidance sessions
  • Examination Guidance
  • Assessment
  • Project Preparation
  • Each session is 60 minutes
  • If you register for more than 16 sessions you get a 5% discount.
  • we offer 10% siblings discount
  • This fee only applicable for students who are doing CAPs and IEB curriculum.


Account Number: 1223765164

Account Type: Current Account

Bank Name: Nedbank

Branch Code: 198765

Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ 

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