Privacy & Data

Apex Academic Centre is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of personal information for both Learners and Parents. This includes payment-related details for Parents or individuals responsible for fee payments. By enrolling in Apex Academic Centre, all Parents (current and prospective) and individuals responsible for payments, whether on their behalf or for their Learner children, provide consent for Apex Academic Centre to receive and process such information. This processing is intended to facilitate the education of the Learner through Apex Academic Centre, manage payments, and address any administrative requirements related to education or the established relationship.


All information will be handled in strict compliance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013 (the “Act”). It will be used exclusively for the purpose for which the personal information is provided to Apex Academic Centre. No such personal information will be shared with a third party without the explicit permission of the relevant individual or, in the case of a minor Learner, the Parent of that Learner. Any sharing of information will be in accordance with the Act and aligned with the purpose for which the information was originally provided.

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